Was black jack randall a real person

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Outlander author clarifies Black Jack Randall sexual Apr 28, 2015 · Diana Gabaldon, author of the Outlander series, has posted a clarification about Black Jack Randall. Apparently, the character is not gay, as has been assumed by many fans. Readers should be warned that there are mild spoilers for the series in this article, and the comments will most likely contain major spoilers. Jonathan Randall | Outlander Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia Jonathan Randall, commonly known as "Black Jack", was a minor knight in England during the time of the Jacobite Rising of 1745. He played a part in quashing the rebellion, and was heavily financially supported by the Duke of Sandringham. In 1746 Randall married Mary Hawkins, who bore him …

There is in fact some real person(s) behind this character. Not Eleanor Guthrie but, she and her father represent members of the Guthrie clan, a Scottish merchant family who lived near Nassau and made a fortune dealing with the pirates.

Outlander (novel) - Wikipedia Jonathan Randall (aka "Black Jack" Randall): The primary villain of the story and Frank Randall's ancestor, a British army officer. According to Jamie, the “Black” refers to the color of his soul. Jack physically resembles his descendant Frank, but has Is Black Jack Randall Dead On 'Outlander'? His Story Isn't ... But as devastating of a notion as Black Jack's return is, there is a part of me that can't help but hope it'll lead to Jamie finally getting some vengeance for everything this person put him through. Black Jack Randall's Fate On 'Outlander' Is Sealed By History The only downside to Black Jack Randall dying on Outlander is the loss of Tobias Menzies being able to so skillfully portray this twisted character. Yet, Menzies time on Outlander isn't over yet

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from Saturday's Outlander.] It is then that the worst case scenario unfolds: Black Jack Randall has his way with Jamie, ruthlessly torturing him on both a ...

Outlander Recap, Episode Six: Black Jack Randall Is a Damn ... Outlander Recap, Episode Six: Black Jack Randall Is a ... Nevertheless she's damned close to being put on a horse to Inverness when in strolls Black Jack Randall, Frank's very unpleasant ancestor ... ‘Outlander’s’ Male Rape Survivor: Sam Heughan on Jamie’s ... ‘Outlander’s’ Male Rape Survivor: Sam Heughan on Jamie’s Controversial Scene and Season 2. The star of the Starz series is garnering major Emmy buzz for his performance as the embattled Jamie. Outlander Season 2: Is Black Jack Randall really dead?

Frank Wolverton Randall: Claire's husband in the 20th century and a history professor with a deep interest in his genealogy and heritage. He worked for MI6 during the Second World War as an intelligence agent. Jonathan Randall (aka "Black Jack" Randall): The primary villain of the story and Frank Randall's ancestor, a British army officer.

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For the 18th-century storyline, Menzies played Frank's depraved ancestor Black Jack Randall, who died after a final showdown with Jamie at Culloden in the Season 3 premiere. Despite living ...

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Jonathan Wolverton Randall, commonly known as Jonathan Randall, Jack Randall, and "Black Jack", is Frank Randall's direct ancestor and the main antagonist of both the first Season of the Starz 2014 original TV series Outlander and the historical time travel Outlander novel series of the same name by Diana Gabaldon. in the second season of the show, he is just a supporting minor character. Interview: Outlander’s Tobias Menzies – ‘I think Black ... British actor Tobias Menzies – who plays Claire’s husband Frank Randall in the 1940s and his ancestor, the villainous ‘Black Jack Randall’ in the 18th century – tells us more. What is ... Outlander (novel) - Wikipedia