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Fedor Holz Wins Online High Roller Series Event on PokerStars Fedor Holz took down the first event of the PokerStars Online High Roller Series on Monday with a $178k win, adding to over $26 million in live winnings. Moritz Dietrich - Upswing Poker Meet The Upswing Poker ProsMoritz Dietrich –“MuckCallOK” My name is Mo (Moritz Dietrich). I’m 27 years of age and I’m happy to be part of this team of pros around Doug and Ryan! After school I decided to study mathematics, but quit after 2 …

Doug Polk: "The changes have been quite terrible for the games"

Doug Polk's Pokerstars cash game graph from mid-October 2013 - today. Furthermore, Upswing has primarily been sold as a tool to improve the fundamentals of poker to low-stakes players, helping them turn a profit - and to this end, it is almost certainly somewhat misleading to call it a 'scam'. Where can I find Doug Polk graph? - Poker online with ... Yeah, Douglas Polk is rally considered to be the best HUNL player, but at micros play a lot of sharks, who know GTO in poker :D What concerns his graph - you can find them on HighStakesDB. He plays on PokerStars under nickname = WCG|Rider (graph is below): And he used to play on Full Tilt under WCGRider nickname, but stats there are hidden. The same is in tournaments (hidden stats). Doug Polk's HU graph...very interesting, at the least. : poker If you have a beginner/common question, please search using google and Reddit search, and check the sub's FAQ and Beginner Guide for your answers. If you can't find exactly what you are looking for, post in the daily thread.

Graph by day is ridiculous, obviously. I'd much rather see your graph in big blinds and a breakdown of # ofI'm not saying that's what Doug Polk did, but it's pretty fucking retarded to say that how you did it doesn't matter.Though with online poker never coming back and the current assholes in power...

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Doug Polk Can't Beat Online Poker??? Schwartz Calls Him ... Doug Polk Can't Beat Online Poker??? Schwartz Calls Him Out! Doug Polk Can't Beat ... on Polk by asking him about his own lack of winning graphs and ... Doug Polk Moves Stream To YouTube: Can't Compete With ... Doug Polk Moves Stream To YouTube: Can't ... Can't Compete With Somerville ... offering his insights and expertise on subjects ranging from online poker ... Doug Polk - Poker Tournament Results - Poker Player Doug Polk poker tournament results, including recent cashes, lifetime winnings, WSOP and WPT stats. Doug Polk pokerstars : All : 2019 - Player Profiles

Day 13 of Doug Polk's $10k bankroll challenge was a Disastrous one. Find out how Doug's bankroll went way south with this recap article.

The Poker Pro Who Beat The Artificial Intelligence Bot Doug Polk is a professional poker player who's won millions of dollars, mostly at heads-up Texas Hold Em No Limit. He was part of a team that recently beat an artificial intelligence bot ... Doug Polk crypto « Poker Practice Blog — Doug Polk (@DougPolkPoker) February 20, 2018. Highly Successful in Both Crypto and Poker YouTube. Doug Polk started his poker YouTube channel in June 2016 and has amassed 174,699 subscribers since then. He’s posted 353 videos during this time, with all of these garnering a combined 39,745,000 views.

ᐅ Top Videos from Video Slots - Doug Polk Poker - Page 4 Top Videos from Video Slots - Doug Polk Poker - Page 4 - Free Online Games Doug Polk Bankroll Challenge - Online Poker Training Courses The $100 to $10,000 Challenge. Follow Upswing Poker pro Doug Polk as he turns $100 into $10,000 playing poker online. Online PLO Crusher "cumicon" Retires With Walk-Off Epic